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Attorney Fees
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There are three different types of attorney fees:  1) flat fee, which is one flat amount for
completion of the legal task;  2) contingent fee, which is a percentage of the amount of recovery;
and 3)  hourly rate.

are charged for legal projects that from experience involve a predictable amount of
time. Bankruptcies are done on a flat fee.  Most estate planning, i.e, wills, living wills, powers
of attorney, are done on a flat fee.  

CONTINGENCY FEES are for personal injury claims and workers' compensation claims.  The
contingency fee charge for a personal injury claim is one-third of the amount recovered.  The
contingency fee charged for a workers' compensation claim is 20 percent of the amount

HOURLY FEES are for legal services where the amount of time that they will take is difficult to
accurately gauge.  However, a good faith estimate of the range of total fees that a matter will
take is always offered to our clients when we first discuss the case.  Our hourly rate is $225.

SENIOR DISCOUNTS are available for seniors equal to 10% off regular fee.  
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