Here is a list of selected exemptions.  These represent the value of
property that you can keep.  Exemptions for property that is subject to
a security interest, e.g. a home loan or car loan, is based upon your
equity in the property i.e, the value of the property minus the unpaid
balance on the loan is your equity.
Description of Property        Statute                                Individual                      Joint

Home                                CRS 38-41-201(a), 201.5           75,000                        75,000
Elderly or disabled            CRS  38-41-201(b)                    105,000                       105,000
Automobiles                     CRS 13-54-102(1)(j)(l)                7,500                         15,000
Elderly or disabled            CRS 13-54-102(1)(j)(ll)(A)       12,500                         25,000
Domestic/Child support   CRS 13-54-102(1)(u)                           100% exempt
Earnings                            CRS 13-54-104, 5-5-105                        75% exempt
Social security                   U.S.C. 42 407                                       100% exempt
Household goods              CRS 13-54-102(1)(e)                  3,000                         6,000
Wearing apparel                CRS 13-54-102(1)(a)                  2,000                         4,000
Tools of trade                   CRS 13-54-102(1)(j)                 30,000                         60,000

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Colorado Bankruptcy Exemptions
Proper planning involves an evaluation of your exempt and non-exempt
assets and converting non-exempt assets into exempt assets, when
possible, prior to filing the bankruptcy case.
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