If your current household income exceeds the median income for your
household size, then there is a presumption that you should enter into
a repayment plan.

Current (as of May 2018) median income for Colorado is as follows:
Household size                                Median income
1                                                       $57,906
2                                                        75,888
3                                                        84,952
4                                                        96,485
each additional person                      + 8,400

The presumption that you should be in a repayment plan can be
overcome by demonstrating that after payment of allowed monthly
living expenses there is insufficient money to fund a repayment plan.
Means Test Calculator can help determine whether you can file
under Chapter 7 even if you make more than the median income for
your household size.

The Means Test calculation is highly technical.  If not done correctly, it
could lead to dismissal of your case or conversion to a repayment plan
under Chapter 13.

The Means Test does not apply if most of your debt is business debt
rather than consumer debt.  There are other exclusions for military
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Current Income & Means Test Calculation
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